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HBGF-71 Stainless Steel Homelux Gas Fryer


  • Capacity : 6Liter
  • Gas Source : Low Pressure Gas (LPG) 
  • Application :  fried chicken tempura, chips, dough, shrimp, spring roll and etc.
  • Heavy duty stainless steel for commercial applications
  • Fryer basket with plastic handle for safe opertation.

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JH-119 Stainless Steel Homelux Gas 4 Burner BBQ Grill


  • Packaging Quantity: 1pcs/ctn
  • 4 Burner infa red 
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to operation 
  • Safe and energy saving 
  • Easy to carry and install
  • Very good for outdoor and indoor activity 
  • Excellent model
Hoover Melamine Revolving Party Set 14Pcs (VIC)

Set Includes:

  • 10 piece side dish with cover, 2 piece casserole with cover, one tray with handle and one revolving rack